Hire of New Attorney Brings Expansion to Title IX and Civil Practice

Photo of Jana Nattermann Title IX attorney

Toscano Law Group is pleased to announce the hiring of Jana Nattermann, Esq. as an associate attorney. Jana will help the firm expand its service to clients in matters of Title IX and campus sexual assault as well as other civil matters.

“Not only are we growing,” said Diane Toscano, firm founder, “but the addition of Jana Nattermann positions Toscano Law Group to meet our goal of building a well-rounded firm that meets the demand from our clients for a variety of legal services. And as a customer-focused law firm, we’ll continue to give a personalized approach to our clients and their cases.”

Over the last decade, Jana has been solving people-problems in corporate human resources management. She also holds the distinction of being one of the very few, if only, practicing Virginia attorneys who has served as a university Title IX deputy coordinator. This insider’s view of the Title IX process and her work on university investigations gives Jana a leg up for Toscano Law Group clients.

“Jana brings a very valuable and unique set of skills and experiences to the firm,” said Toscano. “She’s a great addition to our team.” In addition to Title IX and campus sexual assault, Jana will handle employment law, divorce and custody, and other civil cases, including those involving colleges and universities.

“I’m thrilled to join Toscano Law Group,” said Nattermann. “I look forward to delivering excellent results for our clients.”