Title IX & Campus Sexual Assault

woman's hand points at man's hands accusingly across a table

Education Amendments passed by the United States Congress in 1972 provided Title IX protections to prevent discrimination based on gender. In most cases, this was to ensure students of all sexes were on a level playing field in athletics and school admissions.

However, Title IX also protects students from sexual assault on campus, harassment, or violence due to the victim’s sex. Such complaints must be filed within 180 days of the occurrence or the same number of days after the school grievance process is complete.

If you are a victim of campus sexual assault or another Title IX violation, this path forward can be scary. Will I see my attacker in class or on campus? How will the university or college administration protect me? At Toscano Law Group, we’ll be the steady hand that guides you through this difficult and uncertain time. Thankfully, we’ve represented victims in these matters at Virginia universities in the past, and we know how the system is supposed to work for you. We’ll make sure that it does. It’s helpful to have seasoned attorneys – and a former Virginia prosecutor – at your side in the event the complaint eventually goes to a hearing.

Likewise, if you are accused of a campus sexual assault at a Virginia college or university, it’s vital that your due process rights are protected. You are entitled to a legal presumption of innocence, so our lawyers will fight for you to avoid a rush to judgement.